Rebecca Lyczak roars for the power of
a transformative education.

Lyczak champions Ursinus’s commitment to deep inquiry. A professor of biology, the department chair, and a payroll-deduction donor, Lyczak devotes her expertise to engaging students in the pursuit of research.

Together, they study embryo development proteins using genetic techniques with C. elegans, a species of transparent nematodes. Her work has won funds from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.

She believes an Ursinus education heartens every student to ask important questions, the very foundational tools for living a thoughtful and impactful live. “At Ursinus,” Lyczak says, “we put those questions at the forefront.”

Being part of the Ursinus community has made a tremendous impact on her, Lyczak says. She strives to be inclusive all around Ursinus, and to welcome everybody’s input. “To me, being a Bear means community,” she says. “Everyone at Ursinus looks out for each other.”

Over the years, Lyczak has made all her best friends at Ursinus, and many long-lasting connections, “I love to get a phone call or a text message from a former student hearing that they just had a baby, that they just got their doctorate, or that they got a new position,” she says. “It’s really one of my favorite things.”

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