McKayla Lefkove ’22 roars because
Ursinus is a world of opportunity. 

Lefkove is the recipient of the James P. and Irmgard H. Barrett Scholarship for Neuroscience. She pays it forward to her community through her roles on the senior class gift committee and S.T.A.T. (Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow).

Between research, clubs, and her neuroscience/psychology double major, Lefkove appreciates her community, where she endeavors to make all Bears feel welcome.

To her, being a Bear means joining a community with opportunities across disciplines. But she especially enjoyed its opportunities for community.

“The moment I stepped on to Duryea porch for a rush event for Omega Chi,” Lefkove says, “I just felt so welcomed into the organization.” Omega Chi is an Ursinus-native sorority founded all the way back in 1934. Their motto? “Unity, Sisterhood, Fun.”

“That to me really resembled Ursinus College. I’ll definitely carry that with me throughout my life,” Lefkove says.

Her Ursinus education helped Lefkove broaden her horizons and allowed her to thrive in and out of the classroom. “I actually get to know my professors and other students in the class.” From the dorms to the academic buildings to the bends of our 170-acre home, she loves Ursinus’s tightknit community.

She is thankful for her liberal arts education and feels prepared for a variety of opportunities for community in her life.

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