150 Reasons to Give on #Giving2UCday

150 Reasons to Give on December 3rd

  1. I give back to help give current and future students even more opportunities than I had while at UC.
  2. I give because I want all Ursinus students to have the same experience when I was there.
  3. I give because I would not have been able to come to Ursinus if it weren’t for donor support.
  4. I give because I know collectively we can make a difference.
  5. I give because I know I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime.
  6. I give because I got into medical school.
  7. I give because of the amazing professors allowing me to grow into the person that I am today.
  8. I give because I give because Ursinus students are the best. I have enjoyed working with them and watching them grow.
  9. I give because I was a Parlee fellow.
  10. I give because I loved being part of a student organization that helped me learn more about my heritage.
  11. I give because I am so thankful for all the experiences Ursinus provided me, including meeting my beautiful wife.
  12. I give because I was a Summer Spark student and got to help local businesses with marketing plans.
  13. I give because I think about the core questions, specifically ‘What Will I Do?’
  14. I give because without Ursinus, I wouldn't have my spouse.
  15. I give because I wouldn't have been able to spark my career post-graduation.
  16. I give because I wouldn't have been accepted to grad school without Ursinus.
  17. I give because I love the Berman Museum of Art and want to ensure it continues.
  18. I give because I care about student programming and want to give more such opportunities to students.
  19. I give because I care about the Kaleidoscope, which $25,000,000 was financed entirely by gifts and a state community development grant.
  20.  I give because I appreciate the major renovations throughout Pfahler that were made possible by donors.
  21. I give because I remember convocation as a first year student in Bomberger. Bomberger was built through a $25,000 pledge from Board Member Robert Patterson and UC alumni raised the other $25,000 to build.
  22. I give to enhance the student experience and to champion risk taking.
  23. I give because I loved eating in Wismer.  Wismer was from the estate of Ralph Fry Wismer, class of 1905.
  24. I give because I want to demonstrate my belief in the Ursinus Experience.
  25. I give because I know collectively we can make an impact.
  26. I give because I am a ‘bear for life’.
  27. I give because I started giving $1 a year as a student and continued, increasing my gifts a little each year, into my alumni career.
  28.  I give because I believe in the Experiential Learning Project (XLP) like internships, externships and study abroad.
  29. I give because I believe in investing in causes I care about.
  30. I give because I do not have time to volunteer for Ursinus and this is my way of giving back.
  31. I give because I attend alumni events and appreciate the opportunity to reconnect with classmates.
  32.  I give because all bears deserve to have the same resources and opportunities regardless of their areas study or personal backgrounds. Donor support is a crucial part of this goal.
  33. I give because I want to support a top-notch liberal arts education.
  34.  I give to prepare Ursinus for its next 150 years! 
  35.  I give because I participated in the first student-run production, Medusa.
  36.  I give because I believe scholarships and financial aid are so important and knowing that more than 99% of our students receive this type of support. 
  37.  I give because I’ve had the opportunity to do important research with my professor through Summer Fellows.
  38.  I give because I married an Ursinus alum and our one gift counts as two!
  39.  I give because I loved participating in theater while I was a student.
  40.  I give because I believe UC students are top notch.
  41. I give because as a faculty member I see the great work that students are doing.
  42.  I give because I love the beautiful campus and the annual fund helps with maintenance and beatification.
  43.  I give because it feels good.
  44.  I give because of Snell’s Belles.
  45.  I give because I love the Ursinus community.
  46.  I give because I like the direction the school is going in.
  47. I give because I want to see Ursinus reach their biggest donor goal ever!
  48. I give because Ursinus was my home for four years.
  49. I give because I had a scholarship when I attended Ursinus.
  50. I give because of the amazing mentorship I got from my professors.
  51. I give because it helps our national rankings.
  52. I give because even though my gift is small it all adds up to make a big difference.
  53.  I give to support students in need through the Bear2Bear Student Emergency Fund. 
  54.  I give because the Career and Post-Graduate Development Office helped me get a job.
  55.  I give because I had an incredible externship experience.
  56.  I give in memory of Bill Racich.
  57.  I give in honor of my child’s UC experience.
  58.  I give because my child received a great education.
  59.  I give because I see great potential in my students.
  60.  I give because of those unforgettable Saturday nights at Reimert!
  61.  I give because I see the impact that the Ursinus experience has made on my child and I want others to feel that too.
  62.  I give because it’s a great place to live and work.
  63.  I give because of the personal and professional growth I gained at Ursinus.
  64.  I give because I realized my fullest potential at Ursinus. 
  65.  I give because of the networking events that have led me to following a career path that I love.
  66.  I give because every time I think of campus I become nostalgic. 
  67.  I give because Ursinus makes my child happy.
  68.  I give because Zachie needs a new t-shirt.
  69.  I give because I was encouraged to be creative through entrepreneurship at the U-Imagine Center.
  70.  I give because I played on the football team and they are the best team I ever had.
  71. I give because the advancement staff works really hard.
  72. I give because I got a personal call from a student who asked me to.
  73.  I give because I want to be one of the 1869 donors…That’s a lot of donors!
  74.  I give because I am proud to be a part of the Ursinus community. 
  75.  I give because it’s the 150th anniversary of Ursinus… it’s the best year to give! 
  76. I give because I participated in the Messiah for many years!
  77. I give because of the fun I had with my lacrosse team!
  78. I give to support our student athletes both on and off the field.
  79. I give because my grandma went here.
  80.  I give because I love homecoming and coming back to see my friends.
  81. I give because the Bear2Bear Student Emergency Fund helped me in a time of need.
  82.  I give because my years at Ursinus were such a happy and eventful time for me.
  83.  I give because I want to continue supporting the school to keep myself and others involved in the community.
  84.  I give because once a Bear, always a Bear!
  85.  I give because I want to pay it forward.
  86.  I give because I was one of the 28 Zacharias Ursinus scholars.    
  87. Ursinus may be known for its strong academics, but that's not nearly as valuable as my friends and the amazing faculty I spend my days with. 
  88.  I give because we’re college that changes lives! 
  89. I give because I love Wismer cookies!
  90.  I give because I loved living on Main Street.
  91.  I give because I made so many friends at UC.
  92.  I give because my Phi Psi sisters are my forever friends. 
  93.  I give because my professors are the best.
  94.  I give because I’m ready for graduate school.
  95.  I give because my daughter loves being a bear!
  96.  I give because I believe Ursinus is a wonderland of learning and a competitive playland for athletes. Donations help current and future bears succeed! 
  97.  I give because Ursinus has helped transform myself and my wife into students who got into medical school, thrived in careers in medicine as well as in life. 
  98.  I give to celebrate the friendships we made by being a part of Greek life at Ursinus. Go Phi Psi! 
  99.  I give because I believe in the power of an Ursinus education and I want that to continue for many more generations of students.
  100.  I give because students at Ursinus impress me every day, and I give to support them. I am proud to be one factor in their success.
  101.  I give to help students become more than they ever thought they could.
  102.  I give because 99% of Ursinus students receive some form of financial assistance! 
  103.  I give because my education at Ursinus allowed me to find my voice and the self-confidence to be me!
  104.  I give because I want my alma mater to be around for years to come.
  105.  I give because I want to show my undying love and support of the place that brought me my husband, all my friends and my income :)
  106.  I give because I think Ursinus truly cares about its students and I want to support that.
  107.  I give because of the invaluable opportunities I have been afforded while working here, as well as the wonderful friendships I have formed.
  108.  I give because Ursinus gave me the best liberal arts undergraduate education and one of the most supportive working environments I've ever been in! 
  109.  I give so students of tomorrow can have the same great, impactful experience as students of today. 
  110. I give because of the profound impact that we have on the lives of young adults!
  111. I give because #IloveUrsinus.
  112. I give because I want to make an impact on future students' college experiences.
  113. I give because I want to give back directly to my UC experience.
  114. I give because I love helping out the greater good and giving back to a community that’s given to me.
  115. I give because of the opportunities I’ve had through research that has helped me get into graduate school.
  116. I give because I love sitting outside in the spring on our beautiful campus.
  117. I give because I was able to utilize the Innovation and Discovery Center which was made possible because of philanthropy.
  118. I give because I want to support budding scientists.
  119. I give to support creativity through dance.
  120.  I give because I want Ursinus to be around for another 150 years.
  121.  I give because as a faculty member I see the transformative growth and my students every single day and I want to make that possible for more. 
  122.  I give because Ursinus helped me have the opportunity to study abroad in Australia.
  123.  I give because I care about securing the future for bears to come.
  124. I give because I presented at Celebration of Student Achievement and really enjoyed the experience of presenting to my professors and peers.
  125. I give because I have seen some of students’ independent projects through Celebration of Student Achievement. They are so impressive!
  126.  I give because Ursinus is a four-year residential campus, which allowed me to stay so close to all my friends and academics.
  127.  I give because Ursinus is where my family has gone for generations.
  128. I give because I enjoyed my experience so much that I encouraged my child to attend UC too!
  129. I give because I want to support the same organizations that my mom was a part of. 
  130.  I give because I’m a Phonathon caller!
  131.  I give so others can also make great friends and memories!
  132. I give because I want to share with the future and current Bears what the past Bears shared with me!
  133.  I give because I want to help the Bears after me have the same amazing opportunities I did!
  134.  I give because of the experience I had as a Bonner Leader.
  135.  I give because I loved participating in Model UN.
  136.  I give because I loved applying the things I learned in the classroom in a real life setting.
  137.  I give because I loved working on the UC Organic Farm.
  138. I give because I was part of Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow!
  139.  I give because my writing skills improved so much because of writing for The Grizzly and The Lantern.
  140.  I give because I was a Senior Writing Fellow.
  141.  I give because I loved working as a Tour Guide.
  142.  I give because I had the best time being a UC Ambassador.
  143.  I give because I learned so many real world skills working for the Career and Post-Graduate Development Office.
  144.  I give because I loved living on Main Street, walking out my front door and seeing Bomberger Hall every morning.
  145.  I give because I loved the fall days being at football games.
  146.  I give because I love how much Ursinus does for the Collegeville Community.
  147.  I give because I had the best time on spring break volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.
  148.  I give because I work in the Admissions Office and I see how much the UC Fund helps our students.
  149.  I give because I loved playing on the Ultimate Frisbee team. 
  150.  I give because I’m excited for the Commons!